Monofilā aukla SHIMANO TECHNIUM 600m

SHIMANO TECHNIUM 600m, (11,5kg, 0.355mm)
2-4 dienas
Produkta apraksts

Japānā ražota trīslāņu monofilā aukla, kas nestiepjas un ir ar zemu atmiņu.

With its three-core construction, this specially designed reel line bridges the gap between braid and nylon monofilament. A stretch factor of approximately 12%, almost half that of normal mono, means greater casting accuracy and more direct contact when playing fish. Hard wearing and highly abrasion resistant, its relatively low diameter aids longer casts meaning you can step up from 12lb to 15lb with no range loss but all the benefits of the extra breaking strain.

Pieejamie izmēri:

Diametrs (mm) Tests (kg)
0.28 8.25
0.30 9.80
0.35 11.5
Ražotājs: Shimano
Ražošanas valsts: Japānā